Centrifuge Tube 15 ML EO Sterile Individual Packing

NBS Scientifc is an innovative distributor for the life science industry in the United Kingdom.We ofer a wide range
of products to help researchers preserve sample quality during sample collection, sample preparation, sample
management, and sample storage processes.
Our product portfolio includes: sample collection kits; sample stability reagents; pipettes and pipette tips; frozen sample aliquotters; rack thawing stations; PCR plates and deep well plates; tube handlers; 1D and 2D barcode readers; laser markers; tube processors; tube labelers GENPRICE GENTAUR; laboratory consumables (tube,caps and racks); (de)cappers; and heat sealers.

Overall, we provide the labware and equipment researchers need to discover new insights in the lab—insights that could change the landscape of public health, wellness, and safety around the globe.

When you choose to work with NBS Scientifc—a global network of companies with over 10 years of experience in the life science industry—you’re choosing a trusted partner that understands the scope and signifcance of your research. That’s why we strive to provide you with the highest quality products and best possible service every day of the week. Whether you’re searching for your frst case of tubes or looking for alternative solutions in the lab, we’re here to help.


º Facilitates clean, hygienic and sterilized urine collection for regular and advanced microbiological urine testing
º Uniquely designed collection tubes render sampling touchless, meaning no spills and no mess
º Kits contain everything patient needs for sample collection: urine beaker, vacuum tube, wet wipe and user manual
º Kits easy to open and instructions easy to follow
º Produced according to CE-IVD guidelines

At NBS Scientifc, we ofer the urine sample collection kit from IVUS, which can be used to easily collect and preserve urine samples for downstream analysis in a microbiology laboratory. We also ofer GenTegra’s full line of nucleic acid stabilization products, sample collection cards, and extraction kits. GenTegra’s most popular product,GenTegraRNA, is a water-soluble chemical matrix that immediately shields purifed RNA from RNases. When dried, it protects RNA from extreme temperatures encountered during shipping. A GenTegra-DNA version is also available.


º Compatible with dried blood spots (DBS) on GenPlates, GenSaver cards, FTA paper, GenCollect cards, Guthrie cards and all other flter papers
º Procedure takes 90 minutes from start to fnish
º Yields of DNA between 50-360ng from 10ul of whole blood; yield varies depending on initial sample and normal variability between donors
º Reproducible with an average CV of 11% over 90 FTA discs containing 10ul of whole blood from 30 unique samples
º dsDNA recovered with GenSolve extraction is intact and approximately 35kb in length
º Two kit sizes available for 50 DBS or 100 DBS


º For DNA analysis of blood samples
º Made of high-purity cotton
º Treated with new-to-market proprietary chemistry intended for long-term preservation of DNA from DBS at
ambient temperature
º Treated cards stabilize DNA for at least 10 years with highquality and quantitative recovery
º Chemistry compatible with direct PCR; no need for previous washing protocol
º All cards include cover part for identification information and paper part with 1, 2 or 4 printed circles for sample
º Cards can be custom designed to meet the requirements of specific applications
º Applications: forensics, genomics, transgenic identification, plasmid screening, STR and NGS, genotyping, animal identification, whole genome amplification, PCR, qPCR, direct PCR analysis
º Other collection cards available for short-term storage, preserving nucleic acids in biological fluids, extra protection for forensic samples against microbial growth and contamination


Our comprehensive range of liquid handling tools and consumables from CAPP and Ritter Medical can be used to dispense liquids in a precise and controlled manner.
Looking for manual or electronic pipettes for single-channel or multi-channel work? We’ve got them. Or pipette tips for tools you already own? We’ve got those, too. In addition to our standard range of pipette tips from Ritter Medical, we also ofer their range of robotic pipette tips which can work with larger automated systems like
liquid handlers.

º Electronic single-channel pipette that ofers advanced functions like multi-dispensing, dilution and mixing
º Includes self-explanatory full-color OLED graphic user interface
º Can easily store protocols and switch from one to another
º Equipped with long lasting lithium battery
º Can be used while charging
º Includes calibration and password setting functions
º Lightweight construction and ergonomic design
º Tip ejector works as fnger rest for thumb; can rest thumb on tip ejector and activate the pipetting button at the same time
º Available in diferent sizes: from 0.20ul to 5000ul

º Single-channel pipette with lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable tip ejection and handling
º Manufactured from highest-quality autoclavable materials
º Volume lock feature achieves more reliable pipetting experience
º Metal cones with double O-rings avoid risk of breakage
º Smooth tip mounting
º Compatible with wide range of tip brands
º Available as a fxed or variable volume pipette with 9 volume ranges from 0.10ul to 10.00ml

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